Within the Biomedical Engineering curriculum (General Course Sequence and Course Map) are a series of suggested tracks that have been formulated and are designed to enable students to acquire in depth knowledge in their chosen area of interest. Students may choose from among the tracks pre-approved by the Roy J. Carver Department of Biomedical Engineering.

The courses comprising each track demonstrate coherence, focus, and purpose within the given area. Each track consists of four required engineering courses (i.e., track requisites) and seven electives (i.e., track electives). Regardless of the area of emphasis, all of the requisite courses for the four tracks, and at least two track electives, must be three-semester-hour technical courses (i.e., an engineering science or design course). Please refer to the current list of courses that satisfy each pre-approved track.

The Pre-Approved Tracks:

Each track can have a pre-medicine designation.  Students may tailor their elective course selection to achieve a goal outside of those implicit to the pre-approved tracks, as long as the course selections show coherence, focus, and purpose.

All students should consult with their departmental advisor and submit for approval a Plan of Study to the BME Undergraduate Curriculum Committee by the end of the student's fourth semester of study. Requests should be submitted via the online Plan of Study Form.