Cellular Engineering Focus Area

What is Cellular Engineering?

Cellular Engineering involves the application of engineering principles to problems in cellular and molecular biology, particularly as they relate to human health. The goal of this focus area is to equip students with the quantitative tools necessary to understand, manipulate, and control cellular and sub-cellular processes for a range of biomedical applications, including those related to stem cells, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine.

Cellular Engineering Curriculum Map | Sample Four-Year Plan 5/20/22

cellular engineering course map

cellular engineering course list




Note: At least two electives (6 s.h.) must be from the list of Engineering Topics. An additional 21 s.h. of electives are also required (suggested electives list, minor, or certificate courses).
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Terminology from “Track” to “Focus Area” was updated in the website text on 03/16/21

Check the Cellular Engineering Curriculum Map and Sample Four-Year Plan links above for more details.

Cellular Engineering Academic Advisors

James Ankrum     

Michael Mackey

 Edward Sander

Kristan Worthington

Yuliang Xie Portrait

Yuliang Xie


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