Employment Opportunities

Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching Assistantship Positions

Application Deadlines

Fall 2019 applications are now open.
Spring 2020 applications open in mid-November, 2019.
Fall 2020 applications open in mid-April, 2020

Position Description

Undergraduate and Graduate students may apply for Teaching Assistant (TA) positions. TA's are typically scheduled to work 10 or 20 hours per week, depending on the position.

Students in this role provide general assistance to faculty in conducting their course work and facilitating a positive student learning experience.  The work typically involves activities such as grading assignments, conducting discussion/lab sessions, and holding office hours.  The specific responsibilities for each position will be assigned by the instructor.  

Before you Apply

Before applying for a specific course, please check your schedule and confirm you are available for the course times. Please be prepared to provide the semester you completed the course, the instructor, and the grade you received. You also will be required to upload a resume at the end to complete the application.

These are courses offered for the semester, and not a guarantee a TA position will offered. Positions are always dependent upon budget and actual enrollment.

ENGR:1100 Intro to Engineering Problem Solving / *discussion
BME:2200 Systems, Instrum, & Data Acquisition / *lab
BME:2400 Cell Biology / lab attendance not required
BME:2210 Bioimaging & Bioinformatics / lab
BME:2500 Biomaterials & Biomechanics / *lab
BME:2710 Engr Drawing, Design, & Solid Modeling
BME:5101 Biomaterials and Implant Design
BME:5320 Bioinformatics Techniques
BME:5445 Stem Cells in Regenerative Engineering
BME:5520 Cardiovascular Fluid Mechanics
BME:5530 Artificial Organs & Circ Implants Design
BME:5610 Musculoskeletal Biomechanics
BME:5441 Numerical and Statistical Methods for Bioengineering
BME:5430 Biotransport
*Multiple sections, you will be given the opportunity to indicate your availability for each section

Apply Now

Apply here for Fall, 2019 semester

If you have any questions or wish you apply for a different semester, please contact Jennifer Wait.