Employment Opportunities

Undergraduate and Graduate Teaching Assistantship Positions

Application Deadlines

Fall 2021 applications will open in mid-April after early registration

Position Description

Undergraduate and Graduate students may apply for Teaching Assistant (TA) positions. TA's are typically scheduled to work 10 hours per week, but can vary depending on the position.

Students in this role provide general assistance to faculty in conducting their course work and facilitating a positive student learning experience.  The work typically involves activities such as grading assignments, conducting discussion/lab sessions, and holding office hours.  The specific responsibilities for each position will be assigned by the instructor.  

These courses listed below are anticipated to be offered for the spring semester, and not a guarantee a TA position will offered. Positions are always dependent upon budget and actual enrollment.

ENGR:2750 Mechanics of Deformable Bodies / discussion
ENGR:2995 Introduction to Intro to AI & Machine Learning in Engr / discussion
BME:2200 Systems, Instrum, and Data Aquisition / Lab
BME:2210 Bioimaging and Bioinformatics / lab
BME:2400 Cell Biology (formerly BME:2110; lab attendance not required)
BME:2500 Biomaterials and Biomechanics / lab
BME:4920 BME Senior Design II
BME:5421 Cell Material Interactions (lab attendance not required)
BME:5451 Research Methods in Cellular Engineering
BME:5510 Cardiovascular Biomechanics
BME:5550 Cardiovascular Tissue Mechanics
BME:5620 Intro to Applied Biomedical FE
BME:5640 Ergonomics and Occupational Injuries

Before you Apply

Before applying for a specific course, confirm you are available for the course times. You will be asked to provide the semester you completed the course, the instructor, and the grade you received, for all courses you apply. You will be asked one brief short answer question, to describe your interest in being a teaching assistant, with an opportunity to include any skills or experiences that lend themselves well to the position. 

Apply Now

Application period closed

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Wait.