Program Educational Objectives (BME)

The following educational objectives set forth by the Roy J. Carver Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Iowa describe the expected accomplishments of our graduates within a few years of graduation:

  • Advance the biomedical field through the responsible analysis and design of devices, systems, processes, and policies that improve human health.
  • Pursue a wide range of career options, including those in industry, academia, and medicine.
  • Collaborate on multidisciplinary teams and become leaders in their chosen field.

There are 445 undergraduate engineering students majoring in Biomedical Engineering (Fall 2013).  The most recent 6-year graduation rate for first year students who completed their degree with a major in Biomedical Engineering is 66%.  The 6-year graduation rate for first year Biomedical Engineering Majors, regardless of final major, is 81%.  Most of the attrition occurs between the first and second years.  Approximately 93% of first-year Biomedical Engineering majors return for the 2nd year.