Woman Rides Beloved Horse for First Time After Receiving Prosthetic Leg Attachment

KCRG-TV reported on a group of seniors from the University of Iowa's College of Engineering who created a prosthetic leg attachment for Zwingle, IA, resident Mona Metcalf. Metcalf, who lost her leg in a farming accident in 1994, got to ride her beloved horse Rebel for the first time in a year.

The students -- Paighton Schrupp, Madison Chrisman, Glen Schoenbeck Jr., and Elizabeth Niedert -- spent the school year finding a way to help with their project called 'Rebel With a Cause.'

"I saw this article actually at the University of Iowa doing some special projects.... really I was thinking she's got to get back in the saddle again because I got to get my mom back again I want her to be happy," Aulanda Krause, Metcalf's daugher, said.

To watch the complete KCRG-TV report, go to http://www.kcrg.com/content/news/Woman-rides-beloved-horse-for-first-time-after-receiving-prosthetic-leg-attachment-480460741.html

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