Storer Award Start-up Organizer Receives $25,000 Iowa Economic Authority Funding

Organizer, an Iowa City start-up which recently won the College of Engineering's Storer Engineering Student Entrepreneurial Start-up Award competition, was awarded Proof of

Commercial Relevance Funding in the amount of $25,000 from the Iowa Economic Development Authority to advance their three initial test sites. The company is looking to raise additional funds to complete the buildout of the application and acquire 8 additional test sites in which they will be running simulations to prove its efficacy and begin making a positive impact to the entire transplant community. To assist with the formal round Organizer is currently seeking c-level leadership to help with the advancement of the company.

Entrepreneurs Dalton Shaull and Eric Pahl created the company Organizer to help reduce donor organ loss from communication issues. Dalton was originally motivated to start this project after watching his friend fight off his disease as he waited for a transplant. "It was after 4 years of watching him struggle, his disease getting worse and worse, that I desperately searched for a way to get him his transplant and save his life," Dalton Shaull, co-founder of Organizer, said.

“Glad to have support from the state of Iowa as we move toward commercialization. We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to join the mobile health revolution. There is truly a lot of great impact to be made here and we can't wait to be a part of it," Eric Pahl, co-founder of Organizer and UI biomedical engineering graduate, added.

Everyday, an average of 22 lives are lost. Further, 111 donated organs are not transplanted every day because of a myriad of complexities. Organizer has determined through their research, that by increasing the communication and accessibility of information, that there is opportunity to increase the placement of those marginal organs, reducing expenses associated with long term care, increasing revenues and most importantly, saving lives.

This mobile software system for healthcare professionals verifies, documents, and expedites the communication processes associated with allocation, procurement, and transplantation of donated organs between transplant centers and organ procurement organizations.