Sander Receives NSF CAREER Award

Edward Sander, assistant professor of biomedical engineering and researcher at the Iowa Institute of Biomedical Imaging, has been selected by the NSF to receive a Faculty Early Career

Development (CAREER) Award.  The award is $500,000 over five years.

The CAREER award is the most prestigious NSF honor for junior faculty and recognizes research and teaching excellence, as well as scholars who are likely to become future academic leaders. The award, presented to engineers and scientists across the country, is designed to help universities attract and retain outstanding young faculty members.

Sander received his CAREER Award for the project titled "Directing Epithelial-Mesenchymal Tissue Self-Structuring and Remodeling With Multi-scale Mechanical Interactions and Principles of Mechanobiology."

His current research interests lie in wound healing, skin tissue engineering, microvessel formation in engineered skin; multiscale biomechanics of native and engineered connective, vascular, and ocular tissue; image-based multiscale modeling of mechanics and damage in ligaments and tissue analogs; mechanobiology of growth and remodeling processes in engineered tissues; and microscopy and image.