Sander, Biomedical Engineering Labs Featured in ADMET Brochure

Edward Sander, assistant professor of biomedical engineering and researcher at the Iowa Institute of Biomedical Imaging, and his laboratories are featured in a new brochure on mechanical testing trends in education, produced by ADMET, Inc., a leading provider of universal

testing systems for tension, compression, flexure, torsion and biaxial testing.

The brochure focuses on why testing is fundamental to an engineering education and provides a compelling story designed to interest more students to pursue an engineering degree.

The brochure describes how Sander is launching a laboratory focused on how biophysical forces affect cell behavior and how cells respond to changes in their mechanical environments, particularly as it relates to tissue remodeling and tissue function. Research areas include biomedical devices and regenerative medicine, but Sander’s work started out in a much more common environment: a brewery. One constant at each step in his educational journey was testing.

To read Sander's and his testing laboratory's profile in the brochure, go to pages 15-17 ADMET_Education_Testing_Review.pdf.