Alum Michelle Hall raises awareness about living with artificial limbs

BME Alum and former advisory council member, Michelle Hall, MS, CPO, LPO, FAAOP(D), is helping to raise awareness of what living with artificial limbs is like through a collaboration with the Bakken Museum (Minneapolis, MN).   In her role as a prosthetist at Gillette Children’s Speciality Healthcare, Michelle helped design an exhibit that educates visitors on the process of making a prosthesis.  In the “Personal Prosthetics Lab” visitors to the museum can test their ability to use prosthetic devices to perform a variety of household tasks.

“We really wanted to showcase not just the process of designing an arm prosthetic, but also help visitors understand how creativity plays a role in that process,” says Adrian. “We collected three stories from people who are treated at Gillette and displayed their quotes to add depth to the exhibit. It shows visitors, especially kids, that people who have limb loss are adapting to a world that was not necessarily designed for them; and how a well-made prosthesis can make all the difference.”  - Adrian Fischer, Curator of Exhibits and Collections, Bakken Museum

Read more about the exhibit and Michelle's contribution:

Gillette Children's Speciality Healthcare, 2019