Fall 2019 Seminars


“Multiscale, Multidirectional Mechanics of Ascending Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm” 

Victor Barocas, PhD 
Professor of Biomedical Engineering, University of Minnesota


“Controlling Collagen Mechanical and Structural Properties in Tumor Microenvironment Mimics”

Ian Schneider, PhD 
Associate Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Iowa State University


"Viscoelastic response of brains exposed to a shock wave"

Sarah Bentil, PhD 
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State University


"Computing Surrogates for Pulmonary Ventilation and Perfusion from Non-Contrast CT"

Edward Castillo, PhD 
Research Radiotherapy Scientist, Beaumont Health Systems Research Institute


"Benefits and Opportunities offered by CIRTL"

Lisa Kelly 
CIRTL Coordinator, University of Iowa


"Low Back Biomechanics in People with a Unilateral Transtibial Amputation"

Anne Silverman, PhD 
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Colorado School of Mines


"Use of an Animal Model to Study Post-traumatic Elbow Contracture"

Spencer Lake, PhD
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science
Washington University in St. Louis


"Applications of Constituent-Specific Poroelastic Material Modeling of Articular Cartilage at Cell and Tissue Scales"

Petri Tanska, PhD 
Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Physics
University of Eastern Finland